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 Hello and welcome to The Borg! We are new guild created on the new game Rift which was recently released in late February. We are looking for new members to join our guild. You can be any level to join and you can begin joining in on all the fun we will be having in the present and future. We can do instances together, Rifts together and help each other on hard quests.

Now i don't know about you but i love to shut down rifts within the game and defeat big bosses that usually spawn on the map defeat invasion groups and basically take part in a lot of group activities in-game including instances because i find quests rather boring and endless hours of boredom.
Well guess what!  There is no need for endless hours of boredom anymore because this guild was created to make Rift gameplay more fun and exciting to play. We want you to have that feeling when you wake up in the morning and think. "I can't wait to get on Rift and have some fun" 

Not only will our guild increase gameplay fun and excitement but it is also give the opportunity for you to make some new friends online and this increases fun even more. Every game needs friends to succeed. Sure you will be able to get by with none at all, but what fun would that be? No one to talk to? Spending endless hours in Region chat asking for help on that quest you just can't do without help? With friends you can not only succeed but it will be more efficient and more enjoyable so you don't get lonely and urge to quit the game. 

We open everyone with open arms towards our guild and would be happy for you to join our growing family. Join Now.

Thank you for reading and we hope to see you in-game! 

-Realm: Refuge
-Ingame Name: Ruffio

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Guides - Everything you need to know!

kieran0999, Mar 23, 11 3:54 PM.
You might want to check out the website Rift Junkies for useful information about Dungeon bosses, maps and locations for collecting crafting materials, information on faction rewards and tips on callings and souls.
There is also Rift Kingdom - another community driven website containing useful information.

Upload YOUR pictures!

kieran0999, Mar 21, 11 5:12 PM.
Have some awesome looking screenshots just sitting there in your Rift screenshots folder with no use?
Well put them to use! 
Upload your screenshots to share your adventures and show off to other members! 

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